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Pharmaceutical Grade PVP

Povidone is a hygroscopic polymer ,supplied in white or creamy white powder or flakes,ranging from low to high viscosity & low to high molecular weight,which characterized by K Value.It鈥檚 easily soluble in water and many other organic solvents,with excellent hygroscopisty,film-forming,adhesive,chemical stability and toxicological safeness characters.

  • K15,K17,K25,K30,K90
  • Pharm Grade(USP/BP/EP)
  • DX
  • 39059900

Pharmaceutical Grade PVP

Product Name:Polyvinylpyrrolidone
Chemical Description:Homopolymer of 1-Vinly-2-Pyrrolidone,Polyvinylpyrrolidone

CAS NO.:9003-39-8

Formula structure:

Product Properties:

Technical grade PVP(PVP K Series) products are existing as powder and water solution form,and being supplied in a wide molecular weight range,easily dissolve in water,alcohol and other organic solvents.They are highly hygroscopicity,excellent film-forming capacity,adhesiveness and chemical stability,none toxicity.


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